Wednesday, January 15, 2020

New Report On State Laws Impacting Church-State Separation and Religious Equality

Last week, American Atheists released its report: 2019 State of the Secular StatesThe introduction to the 45-page report says in part:
In 2019 we saw a heightened awareness about the importance of the separation of religion and government, due in part to the increasing efforts to undermine this bedrock protection for religious freedom. At the federal level, the Trump Administration has stepped up its attempts to enshrine one particular religious viewpoint into the law by finalizing regulations promoting denial of health care by religious health care providers and by proposing rules which would prioritize religious beliefs over civil rights protections.
At the same time, Christian nationalists have continued to push forward Project Blitz, a well-organized and well-funded campaign designed to undermine religious equality around the country by using legislation at the state level to promote a distorted vision of religious freedom.... At www.BlitzWatch.org, we provide tools to oppose this secretive campaign, and we closely track these negative bills....
In this second edition of the State of the Secular States report, we expand the number of evaluated law and policy measures. For every state, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, we have assessed over 40 statewide law and policy measures, both positive and negative, pertaining to religious equality and the separation of religion and government.