Friday, February 14, 2020

Prof Loses Fight Against School Rules On Transgender Discrimination

In Meriwether v. Trustees of Shawnee State University, (SD OH, Feb. 12, 2020), an Ohio federal district court judge adopted a magistrate's recommendation and dismissed a lawsuit by a college professor who was disciplined by a university when he refused to abide by the school's non-discrimination policy.  The philosophy professor refused to address a transgender student using the student's preferred gender identity title and pronouns. Instead he used only the student's last name. The court said in part:
[The faculty member's] speech-- the manner by which he addressed a transgender student-- was not protected by the First Amendment.  Further, he did not plead facts sufficient to state a claim for a violation of his right to free exercise of religion ... or for a violation of his rights to due process or equal protection.
Metro Weekly reports on the decision.