Sunday, April 12, 2020

Kansas Supreme Court Says Legislative Attempt To Revoke Governor's COVID-19 Order Was Invalid

In Kelly v. Legislative Coordinating Council, (KA Sup. Ct., April 11, 2020), the Kansas Supreme Court upheld the effectiveness of Kansas Governor Laura Kelly's executive order (full text) which, among numerous other things, bars gatherings of more than ten people in churches and other houses of worship. (The order does allow more than ten individuals if they are conducting or performing the religious service, so long as they follow safety protocols including six-foot distancing.)  The court held that attempts by the Legislative Coordinating Council to revoke the governor's executive order were invalid. The court said that its decision does not rule on "whether Executive Order 20-18 was a legally valid or constitutional exercise of the Governor's authority, despite its limitation on religious gatherings." NPR reports on the decision.