Friday, March 29, 2024

West Virginia Governor Vetoes Vaccine Mandate Opt-Out for Parochial Schools

On Wednesday, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice vetoed House Bill 5105 which would have allowed private and parochial schools to opt out of the state's mandatory vaccination requirements for students. It also would have exempted full-time virtual public-school students from the immunization requirements unless they participate in activities that also involve other schools. In his Veto Letter (full text), the Governor says in part:

Since this legislation was passed, I have heard constant, strong opposition to this legislation from our State's medical community....

Additionally, we have heard from many private and parochial institutions all around the State, likewise requesting this bill be vetoed. We have heard from this community that they see this bill as purely divisive and, if signed into law, requiring consideration of adopting policies that will result in parents pulling their children from their schools.

AP reports on the Governor's action.