Sunday, March 04, 2007

Many New Scholarly Articles Of Interest

From SSRN:
Michael J. Gerhardt, Why the Catholic Majority on the Supreme Court May Be Unconstitutional, University of St. Thomas Law Journal, Vol. 4, 2007 .

Kinari Patel, The Constitutional Paradox Posed by Permitting Polygamy in India, (February 24, 2007).

Perry Dane, Separation Anxiety: A Review Essay on Noah Feldman's "Divided By God", (Journal of Law and Religion, Forthcoming).

Ryan Benjamin Witte, I'm the Mommy, That's Why: A Minor's Right to Free Exercise when it Conflicts With a Parent's Hybrid Right Under Smith.

Nathan B. Oman, "United States v. Reynolds" , ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MORMON HISTORY, Paul Reeve & Ardis Parshall, eds. (ABC-Clio, Forthcoming).

From Bepress:
Gregory A. Kalscheur , S.J., Catholics in Public Life: Judges, Legislators, and Voters, (February 26, 2007).

Cyra Akila Choudhury, (Mis)Appropriated Liberty: Identity, Gender Justice, and Muslim Personal Law Reform in India, (2007).

From SmartCILP:
Vaughn E. James, The African-American Church, Political Activity, and Tax Exemption, 37 Seton Hall Law Review 371-412 (2007).

Symposium: End of Life Decision Making: The Right to Die? Articles by Steven H. Aden, Kathleen M. Boozang, Lois Shepherd, Wendy E. Parmet, Edward James Furton, Mark C. Rahdert, Corrine Parver, Joseph B. Straton, M.D. and Max Lapertosa. 15 Temple Political & Civil Rights Law Review 323-500 (2006).

Symposium: Religion, Division, and the Constitution. Introduction by Richard W. Garnett; articles by Lawrence B. Solum, Frederick Mark Gedicks, Stephen M. Feldman, David E. Campbell and Paul Horwitz. 15 William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal 1-146 (2006).

Symposium: Religion in the Public Schools. Articles by Steven G. Gey, Laura S. Underkuffler, Arnold H. Loewy, Jay D. Wexler, Richard B. Katskee, Luke Meier and Anthony R. Picarello, Jr. 5 First Amendment Law Review 1-200 (2006).