Sunday, March 25, 2007

Recent Scholarship On Law and Religion

From SSRN:
David E. Guinn, Erecting the Barrier: Creating the New Liberal Compact on Religion, Chap. 3, and The Terrors of Christendom, Chap. 2. in Constantine's Standard: Religion,Violence, Politics, Law & Faith to Die For.

Mostly from SmartCILP:
Richard M. Esenberg, You Cannot Lose If You Choose Not To Play: Toward a More Modest Establishment Clause, 12 Roger Williams University Law Review 1-69 (2006).

Larry O. Natt Gantt, II, Charles H. Oates & Samuel Pyeatt Menefee, Professional Responsibility and the Christian Attorney: Comparing the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and Biblical Virtues, 19 Regent University Law Review 1-93 (2006-2007).

James L. Heft, S.M., Religion and Politics: the Catholic Contribution, 32 University of Dayton Law Review 29-46 (2006).

Erin E. Goodsell, Constitution, Custom, and Creed: Balancing Human Rights Concerns with Cultural and Religious Freedom in Today’s South Africa, 21 BYU Journal of Public Law 108 (2007).

Symposium Issue: God & War. Foreword by Linda Bevilacqua; articles by John D. Carlson, Liaquat Ali Khan, David A. Bosworth, Jeffrey F. Addicott and John D. Altenburg, Jr. 7 Barry Law Review 1-163 (2006).