Monday, April 16, 2007

Recent Publications On Law & Religion, Church-State

From SSRN:
David H. Schraub, When Separation Doesn't Work: The Religion Clauses as Anti Subordination Principles, (Dartmouth Law Journal, Vol. 5, Spring 2007).

Robert Fisher McCarthy, The Incompatibility of Free Speech and Funerals: Proposing a Grayned-Based Justification for Funeral Protest Statutes, (Ohio State Law Journal, Vol. 69, Forthcoming).

From SmartCILP:
Judith D. Fischer & Chloe J. Wallace, God and Caesar in the Twenty-First Century: What Recent Cases Say About Church-State Relations in England and the United States, 18 Florida Journal of International Law 485-515 (2006).

Symposium: Islamic Business and Commercial Law. Articles by Theodore Karasik, Frederic Wehrey, Steven Strom, Shaykh Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo, Ayman H. Abdel-Khaleq, Christopher F. Richardson, Michael J.T. McMillen, Umar F. Moghul, Rushdi Siddiqui, Nazih Hammad, Andreas Junius, Kilian Balz, Robert R. Bianchi, Walid S. Hegazy and Haider Ala Hamoudi. 7 Chicago Journal of International Law 379-622 (2007).

Symposium: Can God and Caesar Coexist? Balancing Religious Freedom and International Law by Robert F. Drinan, S.J., 45 Journal of Catholic Legal Studies 1-114 (2006).

Patrick McKinley Brennan, Harmonizing Plural Societies: The Case of Lasallians, Families, Schools--and the Poor, 45 Journal of Catholic Legal Studies 131-175 (2006).

Thomas J. Paprocki, Presumption As a Matter of Law and Eternal Salvation, 45 Journal of Catholic Legal Studies 177-182 (2006).

Recent Book:
James Serritella, Thomas Berg, Cole Durham, Edward Gaffney, Craig Mousin, eds., Religious Organizations in the United States: A Study of Identity, Liberty and Law, (Carolina Academic Press, 2006).