Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mississippi Gubernatorial Challenger Runs Evangelical-Laden Campaign

Today residents of Mississippi are voting for governor. Yesterday's Washington Post reports on the Christian evangelical overtones in the campaign of Democratic challenger John Arthur Eaves Jr. He says he is running against Republican incumbent Haley Barbour because he wants "to serve my creator." Eaves' website asks, "Who's on Jesus' side in Mississippi?" He advocates banishing "the money changers" from state politics and supports a health-care proposal that he says focuses on the "least among us" -- just as Jesus would. Columnist Jerome Wright, in a piece in the Memphis (TN) Appeal, says that "... Eaves faces an insurmountable task to win the election. Yet, he may do better than originally expected."

UPDATE: As expected, Gov. Haley Barbour was elected to a second term in Tuesday's contest. (Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal.)