Monday, December 24, 2007

Recent Scholarly Articles of Interest

From SSRN:

  • Caspar P.L. van Woensel, Symbols and the Law. BRAND, GOD, AND BAN: IMPROPER USE AND MONOPOLIZATION OF SIGNS WITH A HIGH SYMBOLIC VALUE, (Amstelveen, Netherlands: deLex, 2007 ).
From SmartCILP:
  • Aaron Baker, Controlling Racial and Religious Profiling: Article 14 ECHR Protection v. U.S. Equal Protection Clause Prosecution, 13 Texas Wesleyan Law Review 285-309 (2007).

  • Javaid Rehman, "War on Terror" and the Future of Muslim Minorities in the United Kingdom: Dilemmas of Multi-Culturalism in the Aftermath of the London Bombings, 29 Human Rights Quarterly 831-878 (2007).

  • Jeffrey Omar Usman, Defining Religion: The Struggle to Define Religion Under the First Amendment and the Contributions and Insights of Other Disciplines of Study Including Theology, Psychology, Sociology, the Arts, and Anthropology, 83 Notre Dame Law Review 123-223 (2007).

  • Symposium. The Future of Islamic Law Scholarship. Foreword by Hisham M. Ramadan; articles by Bernard K. Freamon, Nazeem MI Goolam, Sherman A. Jackson, Liaquat Ali Khan, Aminah Beverly McCloud and Hisham M. Ramadan. 2006 Michigan State Law Review 1399-1640.

  • Symposium: Religion and Morality in the Public Square. Excerpts from keynote address by Noah Feldman; articles by Christopher J. Eberle, Kent Greenawalt, Leslie Griffin, Peter Steinfels, Richard W. Garnett and Bernadette Meyler. 22 St. John's Journal of Legal Commentary 417-558 (2007).