Monday, March 31, 2008

New Articles and Books of Interest

From SSRN:

From SmartCILP:

  • David K. DeWolf, Book Review (Reviewing Stephen Mansfield, Ten Tortured Words: How the Founding Fathers Tried to Protect Religion in America.and What's Happened Since), 85 Denver University Law Review 443-461 (2007).

  • Randy Lee, A Rose By Any Other Word Would Smell As Sweet", But Would It Still Be Treasured: The Mislabeling and Misunderstanding of Parents and Grandparents in American Policy, 15 Elder Law Journal 607-631 (2007).

  • Mark Strasser, Preaching, Fundraising and the Constitution: On Proselytizing and the First Amendment, 85 Denver University Law Review 405-441 (2007).

Recent Books: