Friday, May 30, 2008

Preliminary Injunction Against Illinois Moment of Silence Extended Statewide

Yesterday's Chicago Tribune reports that Illinois federal district judge Robert W. Gettleman has extended his preliminary injunction barring enforcement of Illinois' moment of silence law to all school districts in the state. In November, he had issued a preliminary injunction against one school district, Buffalo Grove. That injunction also applied to the Illinois State Board of Education, but the Board claimed it had no authority to enforce the injunction. In March the court agreed the suit could be converted into a class action against all school districts in the state. (Sherman v. Township High School Dist. 214 [LEXIS link]). Having received no objections to his March order, the court now extended its preliminary injunction statewide. Anyone with standing can now enforce the order against a school district. Plaintiff in the class action, radio talk show host Rob Sherman, however only has standing as to the Buffalo Grove district where his daughter is enrolled in school. [Thanks to Scott Mange for the lead.]