Friday, June 13, 2008

Florida Ballot Measures on Vouchers, Blaine Amendment Challenged In Lawsuit

In Leon County, Florida today, a group of individuals and organizations, including the Florida Education Association and Americans United for Separation of Church and State filed suit alleging that Florida's Taxation and Budget Commission exceeded its authority in placing two constitutional amendments on the November ballot. The Miami Herald reports on the lawsuit, as does a press release from Americans United. At issue are Ballot Initiative 7 that would eliminate the constitutional prohibition on directing state funds to aid religious institutions (see prior posting) and Ballot Initiative 9 that would permit school voucher programs (see prior posting). The complaint (full text) also alleges that that the title and summary language for Ballot Initiative 9 are misleading.

UPDATE: Plaintiffs also filed a motion for a temporary injunction (full text) and a Memorandum of Law in support of the motion (full text). [Thanks to Steven Sheinberg for these.]