Thursday, August 28, 2008

Christian Anti-Muslim Group Issues Voter Leadership Guide

A press release yesterday by a group called Truth for Muslims announced that the organization has begun to distribute its 2008 Voter Leadership Guide. John Marion, Project Director said:
The Guide informs citizens of what our leaders are saying about Islam. Islam is one of the greatest challenges we are facing as Christians in America. It’s an ideology that is incompatible both with the United States Constitution and with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And our leaders—both in Washington and in the pulpits—are virtually silent.
The introduction to the Guide explains its purpose and format:
Unlike voter guides you may have seen in the past, this one does not focus on a specific race, nor does it promote one candidate over another. Its purpose is to educate YOU about one of the most crucial issues facing America: the rising influence of Islam.

It’s called a "voter leadership guide" because it will help you to discern which leaders, now or in the future, are speaking wisely about how Americans should respond to Islam. Several of the examples we’ve chosen are high-profile political leaders, but the "Ten Questions" you’ll find on the back of the guide can be used to analyze any leader—whether on a county council, school committee, talk show...even a church missions board.