Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FLDS Members Challenge Trustee's Power Over UEP Trust Property

The Salt Lake Tribune reported yesterday that three FLDS Church members are challenging the right of a court-appointed fiduciary to sell land belonging to the FLDS United Effort Plan Trust without court approval. Bruce R. Wisan, court appointed fiduciary who is to reform the UEP Trust, says that he has a buyer who will pay $3 million for a large tract of farm land known as Berry Knoll. However FLDS members Willie Jessop, Dan Johnson and Merlin Jessop say they have "stewardship from priesthood leadership" to use the land for grazing and farming. The motion they filed with the court says that selling the land would "pose an immediate and fundamental threat to the religion's communal lifestyle and beliefs of the community because they threaten its self-sufficiency..." Wisan says the motion shows that some FLDS members refuse to recognize that the UEP Trust has been reformed to eliminate its religious purpose. (See prior related posting.)