Saturday, August 30, 2008

Texas AG Clarifies Authorization for New Bible Courses In Schools

The Texas Attorney General this week issued a long-awaited Opinion (Opinion No. GA-0657, Aug. 28, 2008) on the state's new legislation authorizing courses on the Old and New Testaments' impact on history and literature. (See prior posting.) The question was whether or not schools are required to offer such courses every year. Focusing on two separate sections of the new law, the Opinion concludes that (1) schools are permitted but not required to offer such courses; (2) if such a course is offered but attracts fewer than 15 students, the course can be cancelled for that semester; but (3) while a full-fledged separate course is not required, schools are required to offer at least a unit of instruction on the impact of the Bible on history and literature somewhere in its required enrichment curriculum. Thursday’s Houston Chronicle reported on the AG’s opinion. [Thanks to Blog from the Capital for the lead.]