Thursday, September 04, 2008

More On Convention Prayers

The invocation on Wednesday at the Republican National Convention (full schedule) was given by Jesuit Father Edward Reese. Catholic News Service reports that Reese is president of Brophy College Preparatory School in Phoenix, from which the McCains' two sons graduated. The benediction was given by Rev. Eva Rodriguez, president of National Hispanic Evangelical Women.

Meanwhile Terry Mattingly writing for the Scripps Howard News Service yesterday focused in detail on the benediction offered on the last evening of the Democratic National Convention by Orlando, Florida mega-church pastor Joel Hunter. (See prior posting.) Hunter ended the prayer by instructing the audience that each of them should "end this prayer, your prayer, the way you usually end prayer." Hunter participated at the microphone by ending with: "In Jesus' name." On his church's website, Hunter explained: "I did not ask people to pray to another god; I asked them to finish a prayer according to their faith tradition. This may be a small point linguistically, but it is a huge point theologically."