Friday, December 26, 2008

Navy Says Messianic Jewish Chaplains Must Wear Cross As Lapel Insignia

Jews in Green reported last week that Vice Admiral M. E. Ferguson, head of the Navy's Uniform Board, has followed the lead of the Army and Air Force and ruled that Messianic Jewish chaplains must wear the Christian Cross, rather than the Jewish Ten Commandment Tablets, as lapel insignia. According to the Messianic Daily News, the Nov. 26 ruling by the Navy resulted in Messianic Jewish chaplain Michael Hiles refusing to enroll in the Navy Chaplain School. The ruling is characterized rather differently by competing sides. Jews in Green applauds it as a way to prevent Messianic chaplains from misidentifying themselves to unsuspecting Jewish service members. The Messianic Daily News calls the decision one that "essentially bars Messianic Jews from serving as chaplains ... because it would require them to wear an insignia inconsistent with their faith and belief system." [Thanks to God and Country blog for the lead.]