Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Court Issues Preliminary Injunction In Indiana Released Time Program

In H.S. v. Huntington County Community School Corporation, (ND IN, Feb. 3, 2009), an Indiana federal magistrate judge recommended that a preliminary injunction be granted in a challenge to a released time program at a Huntington, Indiana elementary school. Third and fourth graders are released for 30 minutes per week to participate in the "By the Book" program offered by local churches in mobile classroom trailers located on school property. The court concluded that a child who parent has elected not to have him participate in the program (and his parent) has standing to challenge the program. It went on to hold that religious instruction to elementary students on public school property during the school day in a church-owned mobile classroom likely violates the Establishment Clause. WANE-TV News yesterday reported on the decision. (See prior related posting.)