Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ski Resort Settles Religious Discrimination Charges By EEOC

The EEOC announced yesterday that Vail Corp., a ski resort, has settled a religious and gender discrimination lawsuit. Under the settlement, the company will pay former employee Lisa Marie Cornwell, $80,000 in damages, and will provide training for its employees on religious accommodation, harassment and retaliation. Among the charges against Vail were that: "Cornwell's supervisor, Rick Garcia, forbade her and another Christian employee from even discussing their Christian beliefs with one another while at work, and would not allow them to listen to Christian music while on duty, because it might offend other employees, but had no similar restrictions on music with profanity or lyrics promoting violence against women, which were offensive to Cornwell. Additionally ... Garcia ridiculed Cornwell for asking for scheduling accommodation so that she could attend her preferred religious services, and denied her requests while scheduling lower ranking officers for the shifts she requested."