Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Churches Have Some Greater Copyright Leeway This Year for Super Bowl Parties

Once again this year, churches are looking carefully at copyright rules as they plan their annual Super Bowl Parties for next Sunday. (See prior related posting.) Yesterday's Christian Post reports that the NFL adopted new Guidelines last year to ease limitations on churches showing the copyrighted Super Bowl Game. Churches are no longer limited to projecting the game on screens of 55 inches or less. Now they can use bigger screens and sound equipment so long as those are used regularly in their ministry. Churches may not charge admission for the showing, but can take up a collection to defray expenses of the party. Finally churches are encouraged to call their events something other than a "Super Bowl" party. The NFL continues to send cease and desist letters to venues other than churches that plan to show the Super Bowl on large screens. The Super Bowl is presumably attracting greater attention than usual in some churches because of the expected anti-abortion ad featuring Tim Tebow that will be aired during the game. (See prior posting.)