Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Dispute Over Fire Department Chaplain's Web Page

In Spring Hill, Florida, resident Ken Fagan has filed a complaint with the Department of Community Affairs objecting to a link on the Spring Hill fire district's website. According to My Fox Tampa Bay yesterday, Fagan objects to a link to the Fire Rescue Chaplain's web page that contains scriptural quotes and in turn links to a site offering Bibles for sale. Fagan argues that a tax supported website should not have links to religious groups or support religion. In response, the chaplain, known as Pastor Jack, has added a statement on his web page that reads in part: "I have always intended this to honor all of our citizens, our firefighters, and the wonderful principles of our Constitution. All faiths have been blessed in America to the equal right of expression. Our founding fathers showed themselves wise beyond their years. Please know I respect all faiths, and all citizens and wish only to present a page that provides help and useful information to all who choose to look at it."