Monday, April 26, 2010

British Court Sentences Atheist For Leaving Insulting Material In Airport Chapel

A judge in England's Liverpool Crown Court last week Harry Taylor, described by BBC News as a "militant atheist", a six month suspended sentence for causing religiously aggravated intentional harassment. He was convicted by a jury in March of leaving distressing posters in the prayer room at Liverpool's John Lennon Airport. One of the posters depicted a smiling crucified Jesus next to an advertisement for "no nails" glue. A second poster showed Islamic suicide bombers at the gates of paradise being told to stop because they had run out of virgins. The court also issued a five-year Anti-Social Behavior Order against him-- a civil order banning him from carrying religiously offensive material in a public place. Taylor was convicted on similar charges in 2006. [Thanks to Volokh Conspiracy for the lead.]