Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In Ontario Unemployed Teachers Are Changing Religion To Improve Job Chances

Toronto's Catholic District School Board, like most other Catholic school boards in Canada, requires that all teachers it hires for its schools must be Catholic-- a practice permitted under Ontario's Human Rights Code. Yesterday the Toronto Globe & Mail and Parentcentral.ca both report that increasingly unemployed, non-religious teachers are turning to Catholicism in order to get a teaching position. They are becoming increasingly involved in order to obtain a pastoral letter of recommendation from their parish priest. Ontario has twice as many teachers as teaching positions available. At least some of the teachers are apparently going through the motions of religious observance only so they can qualify for a teaching position. The superintendent of human resources for the Board doubts that teachers who were once practicing Catholics have disingenuous reasons for returning to their faith, and says those converting are generally interviewed during the conversion process.