Thursday, June 10, 2010

$1 In Damages Awarded In Claim That Police ID Card Containted Mark of the Beast

In Brooklyn, New York, a federal judge has awarded damages of only $1 to a school safety officer who was suspended from her job after she refused to be fingerprinted or accept the New York Police Department's new biometric identification card with embedded computer chips. Velma Craig, a nondenominational Christian, believes the card contains the "mark of the beast", warned against in the Book of Revelation. Today's New York Times reports that in 2007, the court granted summary judgment to Craig, finding that the city had "utterly failed" to explain why it could not have accommodated Craig's religious beliefs. Damages were left to a later phase. Last month the court appointed a lawyer for Craig, but he asked to be dismissed after Craig refused to cooperate in preparation for the damages trial. Then, when Craig asked for a delay in the jury trial that was set to start yesterday, the court ruled that if she did not proceed on her own, it would merely award her $1 in damages. Craig agreed to that, but said she would appeal.