Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Preliminary Injunction Sought In Challenge To Santa Rosa County Consent Decree

This past week end, Liberty Counsel filed a motion for a preliminary injunction (full text) in Allen v. School Board for Santa Rosa County, Florida, (ND FL, filed 5/30/2010). The lawsuit, filed last month, seeks to enjoin the Santa Rosa school board and superintendent from enforcing a consent decree they entered last year barring various religious practices in the schools. (See prior posting.) In the lawsuit, parents, teachers and students claim that the consent decree violates their First Amendment rights, and that it is now unenforceable because the original plaintiffs have graduated high school. According to yesterday's Northwest Florida Daily News, the motion for a preliminary injunction was filed now because the end of the school year and baccalaureate is approaching. One of the provisions of the consent decree bars the schools from sponsoring religious baccalaureate services. (See prior posting.) The motion seeks to enjoin enforcement of the consent decree pending a ruling on the request for a permanent injunction.