Friday, December 03, 2010

Utah Supreme Court Hears Arguments On FLDS Bishops Intervention In UEP Reformation Proceedings

The Utah Supreme Court on Tuesday heard oral arguments (audio of full arguments) in In re: United Effort Plan Trust.  The appeal involves the attempt by two bishops of the FLDS Church to intervene in proceedings in which a state trial court is reforming the terms of a trust that holds land of FLDS members. The trial court refused to permit intervention, saying that potential beneficiaries of charitable trusts have no right to make claims on the trusts. (See prior posting.) AP reports that the bishops' case is complicated by the fact that two weeks ago the trial court allowed the Corporation of the President-- the legal entity that constitutes the FLDS Church-- limited status to present its views in the case.  However the bishops argue that only they are charged with tending to the temporal needs of FLDS members.