Saturday, January 22, 2011

Virginia County's Schools Restore 10 Commandments Displays

In Giles County, Virginia, the Giles County School Board voted unanimously on Thursday to re-hang 4-foot tall copies of the Ten Commandments in the district's 5 schools and its technology center. AP reports that last December the Ten Commandments, which had hung in the schools next to a copy of the Constitution for at least ten years, were replaced by a copy of the Declaration of Independence. The move came after a complaint by the Freedom from Religion Foundation and an opinion by the school board's attorney that the Ten Commandments displays were unconstitutional. The school board's change of heart came after eight parents and pastors, supported by a large number of others, told the board that schools had a moral obligation to reinforce God's teachings. The Ten Commandments were back in the schools yesterday.

UPDATE: Delmarva Now reports that on Feb. 22 the Giles school board held a special meeting and voted to again remove the Ten Commandments from the schools.