Saturday, February 26, 2011

ACLU Says High School Students Should Be Allowed To Post 10 Commandments On Their Lockers

According to WSLS-TV News, the ACLU of Virginia is supporting the right of Floyd County, Virginia high school students to post their personal views-- including copies of the Ten Commandments-- on their own school locker doors. Apparently Floyd County High School administrators removed copies of the Ten Commandments from lockers of members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes under a school policy that requires school approval for postings on lockers other than messages such as "happy birthday" or "go team." The ACLU's e-mail to the school principal on Friday (quoted in full in the WSLS-TV report) points out that "allowing students to express their religious views on their lockers is not the same as the school itself posting the Ten Commandments or other religious documents." The ACLU says that the 1st Amendment bars the school from treating students' religious speech less favorably than other forms of speech.