Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Students Protest Removal of 10 Commandments From Schools

In response to the decision taken last month by the Giles County, Virginia school board to remove copies of the Ten Commandments that had hung in the county's schools for many years (see prior posting), 200 high school students staged a protest.  WDBJ News reports that yesterday the students marched out of Giles High School where they were met by parents and community leaders. Together the group prayed for a return of the Ten Commandment displays. One students said: "This is America and we can have our Ten Commandments and if they don't like it, they can get out." Another protested: "It's our choice to have the Ten Commandments. It's not the law's choice or anything, it's not the state’s choice or anything. It’s Giles County’s choice. It’s the kid’s choice." Freedom from Religion Foundation which had originally complained about the displays responded: "It is not only unconstitutional to post one religion's edicts on the walls of public schools, but it is bad manners."