Monday, April 18, 2011

Cert. Denied In Kentucky Baptist Homes Cases

The U.S. Supreme Court today denied certiorari in two companion cases, Kentucky Baptist Homes v. Pedreira (Docket No. 09-1121, cert, den. 4/18/2011) and Pedreira v. Kentucky Baptist Homes (Docket No. 09-1295, cert. den. 4/18/2011). (Order List.) In the case the 6th Circuit first rejected an employment discrimination claim brought brought by a Family Specialist who had been fired because she was a lesbian. Second, the 6th Circuit held that federal taxpayers lack standing to challenge the channeling of federal child care funds to KBHC by the state of Kentucky, but that state taxpayers have standing to challenge state funds paid to KBHC for the care of children. (See prior posting.) Courthouse News Service reports on the Supreme Court's denial of review. [Thanks to Don Byrd for the lead.]