Saturday, April 23, 2011

Update On Pastor Terry Jones' Legal Proceedings In Dearborn, Michigan

As previously reported, Florida Christian pastor Terry Jones, and his associate, Pastor Wayne Sapp-- known for advocating and eventually carrying out a burning of the Qur'an-- yesterday faced a Dearborn, Michigan jury after prosecutors filed a complaint under MCL Sec. 772.1 et. seq. seeking to force them to post a peace bond before they demonstrated in front of Dearborn's largest mosque. The Detroit Free Press  and WXYZ report that after a day-long trial Friday in which the jury found that their protest would create a breach of the peace, the judge ordered each defendant to post a $1 peace bond instead of the $45,000 that prosecutors had sought. The court also ordered them to stay off the property of the Mosque of America for the next three years. Initially both defendants refused to pay the $1 bond and they were led off to jail. However, as the Detroit Free Press reports in a later article, they subsequently changed their minds, paid the nominal bond, and returned to Florida. However, according to WJBK, they say they will return to Dearborn next Friday to protest at the City Hall to call attention to the deprivation of their 1st Amendment rights. Jones is also planning to file a lawsuit against the Wayne County prosecutor's office challenging his arrest. The Dearborn Press and Guide says that the Ann Arbor-based Thomas More Law Center is likely to represent Jones.