Thursday, June 07, 2012

Suit Claims Anti-Gay Discrimination By Doctor On Religious Grounds

In New Jersey, an HIV-positive gay man has filed suit against a hospital under the state's Law Against Discrimination charging that his treatment was delayed and he suffered embarrassment and humiliation as a result of discrimination against him on the basis of his sexual orientation and/or his HIV-positive status. The state-court complaint (full text) in Simoes v. Trinitas Regional Medical Center, (NJ Super., filed 5/23/2012) alleges that shortly after plaintiff was admitted to the hospital's mental health wing, he was approached by Dr. Susan Borga, who walked out on him after she learned that he contracted HIV from unprotected sex with men. The complaint alleges the Dr. Borga hung up the phone on plaintiff's HIV doctor, telling him: "This is what he gets for going against God's will."  The complaint faults the hospital for failing to promulgate or enforce an anti-discrimination policy. Courthouse News Service reports on the case. [Thanks to Scott Mange for the lead.]