Monday, July 30, 2012

Recent Articles of Interest

From SSRN:
  • Alex Tallchief Skibine, Towards a Balanced Approach for the Protection of Native American Sacred Sites, 17 Michigan Journal of Race & Law 269-302 (2012).
  • Symposium: The State of Church and State. Articles by Paul Cliteur, Aernout J. Nieuwenhuis, Yaniv Roznai, Serkan Yolcu, Augusto Zimmermann and Lael Daniel Weinberger. [Abstracts]. 10 I.Con: International Journal of Constitutional Law 127-241 (2012).
  • The Future of the Establishment Clause in Context: Neutrality, Religion, or Avoidance? Introduction by Nicholas P. Cafardi; articles by Bruce Ledewitz, Samuel J. Levine, Zachary R. Calo, Mark C. Rahdert and Richard Albert; response by Christopher C. Lund. 87 Chicago-Kent Law Review 707-897 (2012).