Thursday, October 04, 2012

Article Reports On Christian Proselytizing By Fellow Students In Georgia Public Schools

Jews On First this week has posted a lengthy article on the proselytizing pressure from fellow-students experienced by Jewish students in the public schools in the Atlanta (GA) area.  The article also reports on problems faced by Jewish students relating to absences for religious holidays, and the general pervasiveness of Christianity in the public schools of the Southeast:
Christianity seeps into the South's public schools on several levels. A former football coach, Rick Gage, leads the Duluth, Ga.-based GO TELL Ministries under whose auspices he presents anti-drug or anti-sex speeches in schools that have underlying Christian messages. Its website states: "The purpose of GO TELL Ministries is to reach as many people as possible for God's Kingdom."
The Fellowship of Christian Athletes has clubs in just about every high school in the area.
As long as the religious clubs are run by the students themselves, there is generally no legal issue. But it's not always clear cut. As [Georgia ACLU Director  Debbie] Seagraves points out, "Everywhere you go in this state, you will find problems that border on being unconstitutional."