Sunday, December 02, 2012

Raelians Ask UN Human Rights Council To Investigate Switzerland's Actions Against Them

Last week, the International Raelian Movement filed a Petition (full text) with the United Nations Human Rights Council asking it to investigate Raelian charges that Switzerland, conspiring with the Vatican, has misused the European Court of Human Rights to defame the Raelian movement.  The petition reads in part:
The honor and reputation of the entire leadership of a recognized worldwide religious movement has been intentionally defamed based on a manipulation of the facts by Judge Bratza of the European Court of Human Rights in a case involving Switzerland’s refusal to permit the inoffensive poster above to be displayed in public. Underlying this betrayal of justice by Judge Bratza was a conspiracy by Switzerland and the Vatican to bizarrely label the Raelian Movement leadership as pedophiles in retaliation for its stand against clerical pedophilia worldwide and in particular in francophone countries.
The European Court decision about which the Raelians complain is attached as an appendix to their petition. The Raelian Movement also issued a press release announcing the filing of their petition.