Sunday, February 03, 2013

NFL Publishes Copyright Guidelines For Church Super Bowl Viewing Parties

With the Super Bowl about to begin, it should be noted that again this year the NFL has issued Guidelines to prevent copyright infringement by churches that are hosting viewing parties.  As reported by Copyright Community:
A church may hold their “viewing party” in its usual place of worship and must not charge a fee for attending such viewing party. If those requirements are met, the NFL will not object when a church has a party for its congregants to watch the Super Bowl together.”...
If  a church is only using NFL marks and no logos to describe the party in materials distributed to its congregants, the NFL will not object. For example, you can refer to the party as the Super Bowl party and you can refer to the two teams participating (i.e., “San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens”), but cannot use the NFL Shield, Super Bowl or Club logos.