Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Secularist Group Issues Report Critical of Religious Fundamentalism In U.S. Military

The Center for Inquiry last week released a 36-page position paper titled For God and Country: Religious Fundamentalism In the U.S. Military. The report was authored by retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel James Parco, a former Air Force Academy faculty member and a leading critic of religious proselytizing at the Academy. The report summarizes its findings as follows:
Tension over what constitutes proper religious expression within the United States military has significantly intensified over the past decade. This paper examines and analyzes recent reports and several prominent cases, revealing how religiously motivated behavior has increased over the years and remains either tacitly or overtly endorsed by senior military leaders. In light of increasing religious fundamentalism within the ranks, coupled with a lack of social and political will to affect change, the cultural reticence to hold commanders accountable for inappropriate behavior remains an obstacle. The paper concludes with actionable recommendations.
[Thanks to Scott Mange for the lead.]