Thursday, April 18, 2013

Christian Club's Suit Against Snow College Settled

The Salt Lake Tribune reported yesterday that a Utah federal district court has approved a settlement in Solid Rock Christian Club v. Wyatt.  The suit, against Ephraim, Utah's public 2-year Snow College, claimed that the school's policy unconstitutionally treated student groups affiliated with religious institutions differently than other student groups. The school relegated to "affiliate" status student groups that are affiliated with commercial, for-profit or religious institutions, and also placed limits on plaintiffs' participation in the "Paint the Town" Homecoming activity. (See prior posting.) Under the settlement, the school distributed a new handbook that eliminates the tiered classification of student groups and changes the method by which funds are distributed to student organizations. The school also affirmed that while it currently does not plan to sponsor the "Paint the Town" event, if it does so in the future it will not restrict religious themes or imagery. The school also paid $12,000, of which all but $800 went for attorney's fees to Alliance Defending Freedom.