Monday, September 23, 2013

Egyptian Court Outlaws Muslim Brotherhood; Leaders Arrested; Assets Frozen

AP reports that in Egypt yesterday, the Cairo Court for Urgent Matters ordered the Muslim Brotherhood banned and its assets confiscated. The ruling covers the Brotherhood itself, as well as its affiliates and any institution receiving financial support from it.  The court ordered confiscation of all the organization's assets, and the creation of an independent committee to manage the group's funds until further orders from the court. In ordering the ban, the court said that the Brotherhood had used Islam "as a cover to activities that violate Islam and its rulings."  If the ban is upheld on appeal, authorities will be able to close down the Brotherhood's network of businesses, schools, hospitals and charities. For 85 years prior to 2011, the Brotherhood had been outlawed and operated under cover in Egypt. Separately, AP reports that on Tuesday authorities arrested senior leaders of the Brotherhood and the Cairo Criminal Court froze the assets of 14 Brotherhood leaders, including Mohammed Badie.