Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Woman Sues Christian Group Saying She Was Fired For Divorce While Men Were Treated Differently

Religion News Service reports on a lawsuit against InterVarsity Christian Fellowship by a former spiritual director who says she was fired because of her divorce.  IVCF has a Separation and Divorcing Staff Policy under which Alyce Conlon was placed on paid leave when she informed her supervisors that she and her husband were considering separating. When she was not successful in reconciling, she was fired.  She claims that two male colleagues who divorced and remarried were treated differently, being allowed to remain on staff.  IVCF responded to the lawsuit by saying in part:
As a Christian organization, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s credibility and witness depends on its ability to hire and retain personnel who share and abide by InterVarsity’s faith commitments. It is deeply regrettable that a former employee has chosen to challenge this key constitutional liberty.”