Saturday, December 21, 2013

Emory Committee Reportedly Clears Rabbi-Law Prof of Violating University Policies

The Jewish Channel on Thursday reprinted a press release from Emory University reporting on a special Institutional Review and Investigation Committee's conclusions regarding charges that Emory law Professor Michael Broyde created several online pseudonyms as alternate identities. (The press release-- undated in the reprint-- does not appear to have been posted, at least yet, by Emory University on its website.)  The Jewish Channel's prior investigative reports have been at the center of the charges.  Broyde, who is also a rabbi, admitted to having used pseudonyms to to submit letters to Jewish journals, post blog comments (including ones commenting on his own work), and to join a rival rabbinical group (International Rabbinic Fellowship) to gain access to its listserv.  (See prior posting.)  According to Emory's press release:
the Committee found that Professor Broyde used a pseudonym exclusively for activities in his rabbinic capacities, not in his scholarly capacities connected with Emory University. Accordingly, the Committee concluded that the conduct did not violate Emory policies that govern allegations of research misconduct, and the University accepted the Committee’s conclusions.
Nevertheless, candor is an extremely important value for the legal profession, the Law School, and the University, and Professor Broyde has pledged that in the future he will not engage in any conduct that conflicts with this value.
The Committee did not find evidence to support charges of an additional pseudonym used by Broyde. (See prior posting.) The Jewish Channel yesterday criticized the thoroughness of the Committee's investigation.