Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Challenges To North Carolina School Vouchers Clear First Hurdle

Yesterday, a North Carolina state trial court refused to dismiss on the pleadings two related lawsuits challenging the state's Opportunity Scholarship Program.  The program will provide school vouchers for use at private schools to some 2400 income eligible families. It was enacted as part of last year's state budget bill.  NC Policy Watch reports on yesterday's ruling from the bench that came after a hearing that lasted more than two hours. The lawsuits, Hart v. North Carolina, (NC Super. Ct., filed 1/13/2014) (full text of complaint) and Richardson v. North Carolina, (NC Super. Ct., filed 1/15/2014) (full text of complaint), claim that the law violates several state constitutional provisions on education, taxation and discrimination. The court scheduled a hearing for Friday on plaintiffs' request to delay implementation of the scholarship program while its constitutionality is being litigated. Institute for Justice has additional information on the lawsuits.