Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Missouri Catholic Diocese Settles Two Abuse Lawsuits

Last week, the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph settled two separate state court lawsuits stemming from the child pornography activities of priest Shawn Ratigan.  AP reports that last Friday a court approved a settlement of $1.275 million in a suit brought by parents whose daughter was photographed in nude and semi-nude poses by Ratigan when the girl was 10 to 12 years old. A $525,000 settlement in a second suit was approved last Wednesday in a suit involving a girl who was photographed by Ratigan when the girl was 9 years old. In each of the suits, thejudge also entered a $500,000 default judgment against Ratigan who was sentenced to 50 years in prison last year. In 2012 Bishop Robert Finn was convicted of a misdemeanor for failing to authorities his suspicion of child abuse by Ratigan.  Finn was sentenced to two years probation. (See prior posting.)