Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Birther" Sues Obama Claiming Ebola Rules Aid Muslim Terrorism

A rather bizarre lawsuit was filed yesterday in federal district court in the District of Columbia charging President Obama and various federal health officials with acting recklessly in attempting to restrain the Ebola epidemic in order to aid Muslim terrorism and discriminate against Christian and Jewish Caucasian Americans. The suit was brought by Larry Klayman, an activist who has filed hundreds of lawsuits and who has been prominent in the anti-Obama "birther" movement. The complaint (full text) in Klayman v. Obama, (D DC, filed 10/14/2014), alleges seven causes of action ranging from providing material support for terrorists to civil rights claims and conspiracy to commit murder. It alleges that the CDC, at the direction of President Obam, is intentionally lying to the American public about the possibility of airborne transmission of Ebola.  The following excerpt gives a flavor of the allegations in the wide-ranging complaint:
Defendants actions in exposing Plaintiff to the Ebola virus as well as other Americans is the direct result of discrimination against Plaintiff on the basis of his Caucasian race and Jewish-Christian religion and in favor of people of the African-Black race and the Islamic religion.... Defendant Obama ... values an African-Black and Muslim life more than he does the lives of persons from the Caucasion or other races and religions, and this is reflected in his and the other Defendants’ actions with regard to allowing past and continued entry of persons from Ebola stricken Liberia and the rest of West Africa into the United States, despite the likelihood of an epidemic occurring.
Washington Post reports on the lawsuit.