Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Virginia Governor Says Same-Sex Married Couples Can Now Adopt

Last week, Virginia's Department of Social Services (at the direction of Governor Terry McAuliffe) issued a Bulletin (full text) to its local offices informing them that court decisions legalizing same-sex marriage mean that now married same-sex couples are eligible to adopt children under Va. Code Sec. 63.2-1225. Same-sex couples in civil unions or domestic partnerships (rather than marriages) are not eligible to adopt. Reporting on the Governor's action, Metro Weekly yesterday said that, according to the ACLU, married same-sex couples with children born before same-sex marriage was legalized on Oct. 6, 2014 should be able to get an amended birth certificate listing both spouses as a legal parent.  A same-sex spouse should now also be able to adopt a spouse's child so long as the child does not have another legal parent.