Thursday, February 12, 2015

Georgia School Sued Over Classroom Prayers

As reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, on Monday the Freedom From Religion Foundation and a non-religious family filed suit against the Emanuel County, Georgia school system challenging a school's use of prayers in kindergarten and first grade classrooms.  The complaint (full text) in Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc. v. Emanuel County School System, (SD GA, filed 2/9/2015), alleges that when parents complained about teachers' leading the classes in prayer, the teachers' response was to require objecting students to sit in the hallway while other students prayed.  The teachers also made comments in front of the class embarrassing to the objecting students, pressuring the first grader to pray with the rest of the class until her parents learned of the situation.  The suit seeks an injunction and damages for the school's violation of the Establishment Clause.