Friday, March 06, 2015

UCLA Incident Highlights Campus Anti-Semitism

An article posted yesterday, the New York Times explores anti-Semitism on American university campuses.  The article focuses primarily on an incident last month at UCLA involving a meeting on the nomination of a Jewish student to the student Judicial Council. A student member of the Undergraduate Association Student Council began the question period by asking nominee Rachel Beyda: "Given that you are a Jewish student and very active in the Jewish community, how do you see yourself being able to maintain an unbiased view?" This led to a 40 minute debate by Council members, with Beyda sent out of the room. Eventually she was approved, but only after an initial split vote against her. The president of the UCLA Hillel chapter says that this anti-Semitism is a carryover from anti-Israel activity: "The problem is the anti-Israel culture in which we are singling out only the Jewish state creates an environment where it’s O.K. to single out Jewish students."