Tuesday, April 21, 2015

South African Court Awards Maintence and Child Support To Woman Divorced Only Under Islamic Law

A South African court has issued a precedent-setting ruling by awarding interim maintenance to a woman who was married and divorced under Islamic religious law, but without precedures required by South African civil law. Her husband divorced her by pronouncing a single valid talaq.   IOL News reports that in a ruling from the bench, a Durban High Court judge ruled that the cournty's Marriage Act applies.  Judge Fikile Mokgohloa awarded the woman the equivalent of $1650 (US) per month as maintenance for her and the two children and ordered the husband to pay reasonable education cost for the children not to exceed $400(US) per child per month.  The husband was also ordered to pay the equivalent of $1225(US) toward the wife's legal costs. The husband argued that under Islamic law, he was only required to pay maintenance for the wife, and then only for approximately three months (the mandatory waiting period of iddah).  The wife is now proceeding with a full civil divorce action.