Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Appeals Court Affirms Decision On Ownership of Buddhist Pagoda

As reported by the Salt Lake Tribune, in Dao Trang Phap Hoa v. Vietnamese Unified Buddhist Association of Utah, (UT App., May 21, 2015), a Utah state appeals court upheld a trial court's decision that a Salt Lake City Buddhist temple-- the Pho Quang Pagoda-- is owned by a local affiliate of the California-based Vietnamese-American Unified Buddhist Congress.  Some members of the temple claimed that the Congress held the Pagoda in trust for the local Vietnamese Buddhist Alliance Society of Utah.  The appeals court held that even if there were questions of fact on that issue, the plaintiff in this case, the  Vietnamese Unified Buddhist Association of Utah, lacked standing to assert the claim on behalf of the Society because the two groups are separate corporations, even though they have overlapping membership.