Friday, May 29, 2015

Group Challenges University Football Coach Leading Players In Lord's Prayer

The Toledo Blade reported Wednesday on a letter (full text) sent by Freedom From Religion Foundation to the president of the University of Toledo (a public university) complaining about a video posted on the University's YouTube channel showing football coach Matt Campbell leading his players in the Lord's Prayer.  The video of pre-game activity, apparently shot by a mobile video camera attached to one of the player's helmets, shows the coach calling together the team in the locker room so they can offer the prayer to fire the players up as they are about to run onto the field. The video is from a 2012 game against the school's traditional rival, Bowling Green State University. However the Blade article also features a photo of Coach Campbell leading the team in prayer after a 2015 game. A University spokesman said the school is reviewing FFRF's letter.